WWII Replayed Series
A World War II Historical Strategic Simulation
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Welcome to the most ambitious World War II global simulation game that has been made public so far. Years of research, planning and design have been put into what is finally the best WWII strategic-level PBM wargame around. "WWII Replayed" simulates this global conflict in every conceivable way which was of relevance for the decision makers of that era. Now you can slip into the bodies of villains and heroes, statesmen like Churchill, Hitler, Mao,  Roosevelt or Stalin, commanders like Eisenhower, Montgomery, Rommel or Yamamoto. And for people just interested in questions of "what if", WWII games offers a detailed monthly newsletter (“Dublin Chronicle” and "
World Observer") about the events of our alter historia, enriched by side events from the historical time-line. WWII is a turn-based PBeM game, that means, orders and reports are exchanged via email. Each turn represents one game month. Turns are adjudicated once a month real time, so real and play time advance at the same pace, just with an offset of 60-70 years. Apart from our 1995 test game, we have completed one game (the famous WWII 60th Anniversary Replay) and are in the 4th year of another which is hereby proudly presented.

WWII Open Warfare
Current standings and information on the most recent game.
WWII 60th Anniversary Replay
Game information for the first completed global game.
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This page is about a historic simulation of WWII and should be viewed as such.

It is NOT an endorsement OF ANY KIND of such discredited political systems as National Socialism or Fascism. The use of symbols and pictures on these pages are for historical relevance and accurateness. It is NOT the intention to promote any ideology or philosophy. The purpose is not to glorify the tragic events of World War II, but rather to give an insight to the inherent structures and dynamics of war, and how such tragedy evolves from escalating conflicts on a political, economical or cultural level.

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